The Three Jewels

I charged through the clouds, waiting for my family to greet me. But none came! “Perhaps they were eating,” I thought so I rushed to the Palace. But still none! I heaved a great sigh and flew to my Grandma who was making biscuits, while no one noticed that the hunters had dodged around. 

“Where’s Lu?” I searched for my sister. “Hunting,” Grandma replied.  However, when Lu returned, her horns were gone. She died in the night! 

We realised we were being hunted! We tried everything to keep the humans away. Otherwise we would all die. I couldn’t bear it so had to do something. I ran away and asked the Jade tree for advice. Without fail, it replied, “ Take rods, a shell, a feather, a star, and one of my leaves for strength. Then go east. If you can earn the three mysterious jewels, you must then swap for the Dragon Pearl.”

The next day, I took those things and flew east. When I reached sky barrier, I threw my star towards the gate, and the star cracked with a key. I took it out and slid it into the gate. The gate opened! A gargantuan waterfall showed. While hovering over the waterfall, I tied the rods, shell and stone to create stairs, which led to the Night Beach. I took out the Jade tree’s leaf of strength and flew to the edge effortlessly. A glittering chest popped out from the navy sands! On the chest was inscribed, 




MY KEY.”  

I pulled out the feather and gasped. The feather turned into a luminous pearl, glowing beautifully in the dark night. I hurled the stone into the sky and watched as it melted into the moon. Suddenly, a ghostly bird appeared and pecked the chest open. Inside were JUST three black coals! “No jewels at all,” I moaned in despair. Suddenly, one coal glistened and burst into flames. It turned into a ruby! Just then, a monster appeared, slashing at the chest. I roared, leapt over the monster and killed him in seconds. His blood dropped at the second coal, which started to grow into a sapphire! I stared at the third coal. So quiet, nothing happened yet. I would have to force it. Tremblingly, I sliced my horns and sprinkled the powder over the last coal. Smoothly and suddenly, it turned into an opal. In the meanwhile my horns grew back covered in gold. My scales turned into jade, my claws into peal and my eyes into emerald. The weak fire I used to breathe was now as alive as a magical monster. However, those three jewels had disappeared. I understood though: They had been swapped for the Dragon Pearl, ME!

I flew home and fought against the hunters. They never came back beyond the dragon border, which was named as The Great Line of Dragon Pearl.  

My Trip to Singapore


I’m going to tell you about the flight first. I vomited four times on the plane, so it was quite uncomfortable. Next, going to meet my ‘friends’. I wrote friends like that because when we last met we were one. We arrived at 5:00 to 6:00 PM. When we arrived, we left soon after to eat.We went to bed after.


The next day was the day of my friend’s performance thingamajig.We also went cycling.


On the next day, we went to the water park.The day after that, we went shopping. My mum arranged for us to meet one of my friends.


Today we went to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE. My favourite roller coaster was Enchanted Airways. THE MUMMY was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today I went to the aquarium, it had a cool place where you can touch star fish. It actually felt like a rock!!!!!!!!!


Today my friend and I had an early Halloween party, since I was leaving tomorrow.


Today I had to leave, so we spent the day shopping.

I really enjoyed the time at Singapore, and I hope I go again (provided I don’t vomit).

Adventure Of Bravery

Once in a deep, dark forest, lived an orphan. Her name was Maria and she had dark brown eyes with fire and flame in them. Her hair was glossy black and tangled with leaves. In her tree house was a pile of moss and soft leaves. A beautiful woodpecker was pecking at the pine trees. She raised her spear and threw it. It landed with a splash in the rive. She went to retrieve it. When she picked it up, she noticed a fat salmon on then end. ‘Lunch!’she cried.

Back in the tree house, with her white breasted friend, Mary the humming bird, caught food supplies for winter. After some herbs for dinner, she crawled into the pile of moss as Mary disappeared to her nest in the darkening night. Owls hooted in the shadow of the tallest trees. Then, suddenly, the room was bright with sunlight. She wriggled in the pile of moss then realised she wasn’t in her moss anymore. Mary was standing on a table, hooting dolefully. As Maria looked around herself, she realised she was in an orphanage she’d heard about before. She scrambled out of bed and slipped down the window sill. The streets were busy and teeming with markets. Down the great building unnoticed, she made herself at home in a strange hollow tree. Blackbirds chirruped around the tree. She lifted up her knees to her head and began to cry.

A week later, having found some money on the streets, she bought some food and water, But, before she know it, a girl with blue eyes snapped, “What are you doing here and where are your parents?”. “My name is Maria and I’m lost!”. The girl who had blue eyes said, “My name is Caroline.” Just then, Mary poked her head around her neck, where she’d been staying since she left the orphanage. “Who’s this?” asked Caroline. “Oh, that’s Mary, my hummingbird.” “Will you help me get home?” Maria asked. “Of course I will.” said Caroline.

Back in the hollow tree trunk, Caroline finished “… we must board a train to Windsor Castle.” So that it was on a particular Tuesday night they found a train leaving soon to Windsor Castle. They jumped with a loud clang onto the train roof. Suddenly, the train jolted into motion. Sending them flying to the back of the train. “That was close!” Gasped Caroline. Then out of the darkness, police cars came. “Jump now, or they’ll catch up!” shrieked Maria. BOOM, we jumped!

There was a strong wind, which pushed them on. But the police cars were gaining speed. In the early morning dawn, the shadow of Windsor Castle loomed over them. “Run for it!” Maria yelled. The grandness of Windsor Castle froze us, then we were dragged into the castle dungeons.

“I think I have a hairpin.” Mumbled Caroline. As they live in the dungeons, life was busy in London. Posters of missing orphan! Daughter of high priest gone! appeared all across the city. Now Caroline and Maria, with Mary, are working out a plan of escape.

Tinkle, tinkle, the keys of the dungeon rusted as Mary held them in her teeth. They slipped out the unlocked window and locked it again. But where Maria’s tree house had been, was a shopping mall. So through the dense forest, in a tall tree, they built another tree house with beds for everyone.

Caroline, as she was very important, she stood up to the police and cleared the name Maria. 


The Triple-Bee-Slug

I’m going on a park adventure.  I climb into the tree to meet an elm, sort of creature with bee’s wings, three-legged slug with its face on its body. Deep purple in colour, its eyes are spider-like. Pooing from a large bottle bum. His mouth has a putrid smell and his teeth are adult-head sized, though he is tiny.

This is him:

I bring him back home and my mum doesn’t mind. I make a bed for him, a cardboard box with a couple of blankets. We found out, (me and my friend) he was an earth stranger, living on Mars. We were poor and didn’t have a spaceship. So in the attic I found some cheese, then gave it to my Triple-Bee-Slug. In the kitchen I found an extra table cloth. In the garage, I found three old springs and a huge bundle of oily blanket.

I collected the following:

A weight

A rope

A wire

An old TV controller

Now it had been two weeks. I had finished my machine. Now i picked up the creature and a toy. I drag over my spare mattress and plop it on the springs, held by some wire. Pushing on the tablecloth, I test the pillow and it sprang into the air. I pull the machine outside and get ready. I put the creature on the mattress and I push a button, the weight drops the springs up!

It was a year later, the machine was a trampoline with different weights. There was a short letter I found on my bed. It says,


The Dark Wood

When he had gone, Roger and Priscilla set out along the way he had shown them. First of all by the side of a stream until they came to seven silver stepping-stones, and, when they had crossed over, along a path which led into the middle of the Dark Wood where they could just see atall tower in the distance above the trees.

It got darker and darker as they went deeper and deeper into the Dark Wood and very soon they heard the Wild Beasts howling and growling in the distance all around them.

“I hope they won’t catch us before we get to the Tower”, began Roger anxiously as they came out into a little open glade where it was not so dark.

“Oh look!” gasped Priscilla, catching hold of his arm and pointing in front of them.

Roger looked, and there, in the shadow of a dark holly-bush, he saw two big yellow eyes watching them.

Slowly they saw the eyes get nearer and nearer. And soon they could see a black nose between the two eyes, and red whiskers on either side of the nose, and sharp white teeth under the whiskers. And then they saw that it was the Wicked Wolf himself.

From The Land of the Lord High Tiger by Roger Lancelyn Green


Continue the story and write about what happens next…

Suddenly the wolf raced at them! His feet raced fast but silently across the grass. Priscilla was frozen to the spot. Roger grabbed Priscilla’s hand and hid behind an oak tree. The wolf followed. Then, he leaped over a fence and licked his lips. He howled three times and secs later, ghosts took long weeks and tied them together. Soon they (Roger and Priscilla) couldn’t move. The ghosts threw them into the darkest place, then they tied them to the ground. Before they were tied down, they had weeds tangled tightly around their necks. They couldn’t breath, so they passed out. After they passed out, the ghosts dragged them on long prickly grass, and the wolf scratched their face and body. Then, the wolf realised he was to close to a viking camp. He scampered away. In one hour or so, a fairy came. She carefully united everything and she howled like a wolf, instantly! The wolf came with the ghosts. The fairy, whose name was Bella, waved her wand and instantly turned them into fairies. “Thank you” said a fairy with a crown, “Now I’ll send them back to the…wherever you are going. Bye!”, in a flash of light they returned back. “Why are you scratched?” asked the camp leader. “We tripped and we got scratched.” they lied. Then the bell for dinner time rang.



The Brave Girl

Once in a city lived a girl called Ruby. She was a very brave girl. One day, her dad took her to a circus. In the circus, an elephant was balancing on three colourful balls. Just as a monkey was jumping through a hoop of burning fire…suddenly a man screamed. The other people racked their brains on what was happening. A tiger had escaped from its cage! Someone must have called the police because sirens could be heard wailing down the street. “Where is the burglar?” shouted the strong chief. “There!” joked a man. No one could get the tiger because he leaped nimbly from one place to the other, once even nearly knocking over a lady. Ruby grabbed a long rope and flung it through the breeze. It hooked around the tiger’s neck and tightened slightly. The tiger was then brought back to his cage.

A week later, Ruby was on the BBC breakfast, news round, news bit and newspapers. On the newspapers it said “A small girl saved a circus”. The Queen of England presented Ruby with a trophy. She even became princess of England. What could this amazing girl (now princess) do next?



The Farmer And The Ducks

One day ducks wrote a note to a farmer saying they wanted a diving board. The farmer nearly fainted when he read the letter. “No diving board” screamed the farmer, and he filled with rage. The ducks wrote back, “If you don’t give us a diving board, we will poo everywhere in your farm.” The farmer sighed and said, “I will give you a diving board but only if you and your family don’t poo in my farm.”